Magnesium Complex 500mL

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Korallen-Zucht Magnesium Complex is formulated to raise or maintain magnesium levels in all reef aquariums and has been tested extensively to ensure it delivers the best results for their systems and yours. Many hobbyists will be familiar with the ZEOvit System and the supporting line of KZ additives, but these don’t address major elements such as calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium, leaving most people to search for a separate line for dosing these crucial elements. Magnesium is an important element in reef tanks as it supports stable calcium and alkalinity levels and helps to prevent excess precipitation of the other two elements.
Korallen-Zucht Calcium Plus Concentrate is a great option for small to medium systems or systems with a moderate magnesium demand. Magnesium Complex comes fully mixed and ready for use, making it a convenient and simple to use solution. It’s perfect for hand-dosing or use with a small dosing pump for automatic dosing.
Hobbyists choose Korallen-Zucht for good reason. Some of the most stunning reef aquariums in the world run the ZEOvit system, and they’ve been providing top-quality reef additives for decades. With the addition of KZ’s KH Plus and Calcium Plus Concentrates, as well as Magnesium Complex, fans of the ZEOvit System now have a complete solution for maintaining nutrients as well as major, minor and trace elements.
Dosing Recommendation: 
  • Maximum 3 ml per 50 gallons daily.
  • Test regularly and adjust dosing as needed.
  • Korallen-Zucht recommends maintaining Magnesium between 1,250 ppm & 1,300 ppm when using the ZEOvit System.


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