Prodibio Salt Pure Ocean 20 kg

PRODIBIO PURE OCEAN premium quality salt is a probiotic salt enriched with very high purity trace elements and mineral salts.
With each bucket are included in the form of ampoules several strains of probiotic nitrifying bacteria (PROBIOTIX).
Our bacteria ensure perfect control of the nitrification phase, which is essential for obtaining optimal water quality in an aquarium.
Our live bacteria PROBIOTIX (probiotics) are supplied in glass ampoules which effectively protect them from salt.
These strains of nitrifying bacteria are complementary and synergistic with those of BIODIGEST.
Our PURE OCEAN Sea Salt is enriched and ideal for SPS-dominant or mixed reef aquariums.
PURE OCEAN is available in 5 and 20 Kg buckets.

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PURE OCEAN is an exclusive PRODIBIO recipe.
It is suitable for all types of marine aquariums (fish, invertebrates/soft corals, SPS/LPS hard corals).
It consists of a base of refined natural salt whose composition and quality are stable and controlled.
Enriched with very high purity trace elements and mineral salts, PURE OCEAN promotes the rapid development of the species present in the aquarium.
Our PURE OCEAN salt is very homogeneous and hardly stratifies during transport.
However, we recommend mixing the contents of the bucket well before its first use.


Thoroughly mix the contents of the bucket before first use.
Dissolve by shaking in reverse osmosis water or previously dechlorinated fresh water, the necessary quantity of PURE OCEAN according to the biotope of the aquarium (fish, invertebrates / soft corals, SPS/LPS hard corals).
For dosage, refer to the table below.
PURE OCEAN being rich in calcium, it is preferable to use water of low hardness in order to avoid any precipitation.
If necessary, adjust the salinity of the sea water obtained by adding more PURE OCEAN to increase it or more osmosed or dechlorinated fresh water to decrease it.
If this is the first filling of the aquarium, be sure to completely dissolve PURE OCEAN before introducing the animals into the tank.
If it is a water renewal, prepare the new seawater in a separate container and add it to the aquarium after complete solubilization of PURE OCEAN. Renew 20 to 25% of the volume of water in the aquarium every 15 days.
Thereafter, to ensure optimum quality of the aquarium water, regularly compensate for evaporation with reverse osmosis or dechlorinated water.
PROBIOTIX bacteria are spread in the current flow after the water change has been carried out.

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