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SUNSUN HW 5000 Canister Filter External Filter for Aquarium

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Working Principle

Using the principle of siphon, the bucket is automatically sucked in, and the air in the bucket is discharged from the water outlet until the water outlet hose has water, and finally the power is turned on.

SUNSUN HW 5000 User Manual

1. Install pipe fittings and fix the water inlet elbow
2. Close the water inlet and open the water outlet
3. Unscrew the nut and take out the water plug
4. Fill the hole with water and fill the pipe
5. Install the water inlet plug and screw the nut
6. Open the water inlet and siphon the water

sunsun hw 5000sunsun hw 5000 - 1sunsun hw 5000 - 2sunsun hw 5000 canister filtersunsun hw 5000 canister filter 1sunsun hw 5000 canister filter 2sunsun hw 5000 canister filter 3sunsun hw 5000 canister filter 4

Sunsun HW 500 Use


Model Power Lift Flow UV light
HW-5000 10W 1.4m 1800L/h 9W
HW-5000 15W 1.8m 2300L/h 9W
HW-5000 20W 2.2m 2800L/h 9W
HW-5000 25W 2.6m 3300L/h 9W
HW-5000 30W 3.0m 3800L/h 9W
HW-5000 35W 3.4m 4200L/h 9W
HW-5000 40W 3.8m 4600L/h 9W


Features of sun sun hw 5000

1. This aquarium filter adopts frequency conversion technology, which can control the power of the pump and the working time of the ultraviolet lamp.
2. Energy saving and power saving, touch screen control, convenient and fast.
3. Built-in ultraviolet light can effectively inhibit harmful bacteria and germs in the water.

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