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WORMER X™ is a treatment for ornamental fish infected with parasitic round worms (nematodes) worms. It can be used in a water bath or to prepare medicated feed. Worms can live in the digestive tract or muscle tissue of the sh. In most cases worms will not be visible and infection can be confirmed by microscopic examination of fish excretion. In other cases, adult worms will be seen protruding from the fish anus.
Indication of use
Treatment of fish infected with parasitic nematodes (round worms), such as Capillaria, pentastomes, Acanthocephalan, Camallanus, discus maggot…etc. To treat flat worms like flukes or tape worms you need to use FLUKE X™
Before use
• Read the full user guide carefully and apply all the recommended instructions.
• A recommended hospital tank will only contain an air stone for aeration and a heater if needed.
• Daily water change should be adopted as means of controlling water quality during treatment. Adding water conditioner that binds and neutralize chlorine AND ammonia is highly recommended.
• It is recommended to stop feeding, during the treatment if you still want to feed or must feed, do it lightly and keep more attention to siphoning away any food or fish waste daily, also in this case you MUST be using water conditioner that binds and neutralize chlorine AND ammonia.
• Always start by cleaning the aquarium, whipping the glass and having clean treated water at the correct conditions for the fish.
• In case you still treat in a display tank follow these steps to increase the success rate and reduce risk. Wipe the glass surface, siphon the substrate, and any waste accumulated under or around décor, filter media…etc.
• Take care when cleaning the filter media not to do it with chlorinated water or any cleaning agent, or over cleaning it in a way that will remove most or all the beneficial bacteria(biofilm). Some products will directly kill the filter bacteria, such products will have a warning on the back of the package.
Method of use
Use one level measure of the included spoon (1 gram) for every 130 gallon (500 liters) of aquarium water. If Some worms like camallanus (red worms protruding from the fish anus) will require higher dose of 1 spoon (1g) for every 75 Liters (16.5 US gal). After 24 hours make 70-100% water change and add and replace the medicine according to the amount of new water only. To mix the powder properly, use a water bottle to shake the powder some aquarium water, then distribute it evenly over the water or pour it in a high flow area (ex: pump return).
Repeat the above steps for 2 days. Then after 12 days from ending the treatment, repeat the course again.
Professional use: In hospital tanks, with no feeding and when using water treatment product to neutralize ammonia a single dose can be extended to 48 hours.
Discus X disease prevention philosophy
• This procedure is applied successfully in Discus X Farm facility to prophylactically clean breeding stock before adding to the central filtered breeding system.
• Following this method will ensure a more enjoyable hobby in your main display aquarium, free of reoccurring fish health issues like not growing properly, dull coloration, loss of appetite or even death.
• This happens because we allowed many types of external and/or internal parasites to enter and live in our main tank, and will be ready to cause disease in at any time the fish are stressed due to water conditions, bullying, heavy parasite load, infection pressure … etc.
• Thus, Discus X recommends aquarium professionals as well as keen to always apply our QT kit Procedure using our QT kit PRO on any new fish in hospital tank prior introduction to display aquarium, fish room …etc. to achieve the above results.
Precaution and storage information
Store in a cool (room temperature) dry place, don’t place in a fridge to avoid water condensation on and inside the package in humid environments.
Ingredients Levamisole HCL
Not for human consumption or animals meant to be used for human consumption.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
For use with Ornamental fish only.

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