K+ Elements 500 ml

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Product description

Tropic Marin® K+ Elements contains a selection of essential cationic trace elements for the promotion of growth and the natural colouring of the corals.

Trace elements are natural minerals which are needed by all aquarium inhabitants to maintain biological processes in the cells. Corals and other invertebrates also use large quantities of these minerals for their skeletal development. We recommend the additional use of Tropic Marin® A- Elements to ensure a complete supply of trace elements (essential anionic trace elements).


  • essential cationic trace elements for corals in liquid form

  • together with Tropic Marin® A- Elements, the Tropic Marin® K+ Elements supplies a complete profile of the essential trace elements with only two solutions.

  • Tropic Marin® K+ Elements contains predominantly cationic trace elements such as strontium, barium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, nickel, chrome, cobalt and boron in pure mineral form

  • promotes strong growth and the natural colouring of the corals

  • no colour loss in the corals from trace element deficiency

  • easy to use – suitable for both manual dosage and for dosing pumps


barium, boron, chrome, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel strontium and zinc in pure mineral form.

Application & Dosage

We recommend using Tropic Marin® K+ Elements (part 1: essential catatonic trace elements) and Tropic Marin® A- Elements (part 2: essential anionic trace elements) to ensure a complete supply of trace elements.

Add 1 ml of trace elements (each solution) to each 100 l of aquarium water. The trace element solution must not come into direct contact with the animals.

The dose may be doubled if the corals consume large quantities of trace elements (maximum dosage).

Shake before use.

As Tropic Marin® K+ Elements and Tropic Marin® A- Elements are in liquid form they can also be automatically added to the aquarium water with the aid of a flexible tube pump.

Dosing calculator

Other product recommendations

For a complete trace element supply, we recommend the additional use of Tropic Marin® A- Elements (essential anionic trace elements).

We recommend Tropic Marin® Reef Actif for the optimisation of polyp opening, colours and growth of the corals.

Frequently asked questions

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Container sizes
200 ml / 6.7 fl.oz.                          Art. Nr. 24204                                 500 ml / 16.9 fl.oz.                        Art. Nr. 24223
1000 ml / 33.8 fl.oz.                      Art. Nr. 24213

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