SunSun HBL-802 Hang On Filter Attachment Filter 500l/h 100 l Aquarium

ل.س 109,170.0

• aquariums attachment filters up to 100 liters aquarium size
• pump capacity 500 l/h with 6 watt
• water flow adjustable continuously
• multi-stage filter system with filter media
The SunSun HBL-802 Hang On Filter / Attachment filter is optimal for small aquariums that have no place to install a aquarium filter within the aquarium.
The Aquarium Hang On Filter can be connected to aquariums with a water volume up to 100 liters. The pump capacity is 500 liters per hour with only 6 watt. Comparing similar filters this pump runs very quietly. The water flow rate of the attachment filter can be adjusted continuously and by this can be adapted to the size of the aquarium.
The installation of the Hang On Filter is easy and carried out within a few minutes. The housing of the Hang On Filter is hung at the side or the back wall of the aquarium. Only the aquarium pump is mounted within the aquarium. The aquarium filter is suitable for freshwater and sea water aquariums.
Filter material:
The Attachment filter is already fully equipped. The surface absorber retains coarse mud and smallest particles. A multi-stage filter system clarifies thoroughly the aquarium water.
Surely the Attachment filter can be equipped individually, for example with biological filter material such as Zeolite or Bio-filter rings.
But please pay attention to the right adjustment of the filter material. If the filter material interrupts the water flow of the aquarium filter, the aquarium filter could overflow.
The complex Attachment filter has the size: 160 x 270 x 280 mm and is made of resin that is shock- and scratch-resistant.


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