Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit

ل.س 9,520,000.0

  • User friendly and easy to install
  • Have wireless access with your iPhone or iPad
  • The Apex Grade Lab Kit includes probes for Temperature, pH, ORP, and Salinity


Manage and monitor your entire aquarium with just one device, the Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit. The Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit is the ideal tool for any (advanced) aquarist. Simple, easy to use, reliable and connected within minutes. Managing your reef aquarium has never been easier than it is now. The aquarium solutions from Neptune systems have been used worldwide for many years by thousands of enthusiastic aquarium owners.
The new Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit makes maintaining your reef aquarium much easier. You connect the main unit to the socket. All connection ports are easily accessible, making it easy to connect Temperature probes, pH probes and additional Neptune devices. Then connect the main unit with an internet cable or via WiFi. You’ll have your Apex connected just within minutes.
The Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit offers the possibility to monitor various data. The Apex system measures the pH-value, temperature, oxidation and salinity, among other things. In other words, all essential elements that ensure an optimal condition of your aquarium are at your disposal within minutes.
The wireless internet connection provides ideal ease of use. The entire system can be operated via an easy to use app on the phone or tablet. The Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit always provides you with the information you need to maintain a healthy reef aquarium. Wireless and anywhere, you can have complete control of your aquarium.
The Apex NG EB632 Lab Grade Kit is easy to expand with other Neptune devices. You simply connect this to the Lab Grade Kit. This allows you to read out many more parameters and prevents common inconveniences such as overheating, leaks or other undesirable situations. With the Apex Lab Grade Kit, your aquarium is in good hands. Less maintenance, more success.


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