ZEOmag Magnesium Granulate (1 kg) – Korallen-Zucht

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Why does BRS recommend this?
When using a calcium reactor, the biggest challenge can be keeping the magnesium level stable.  Anytime Bulk Reef Supply sets up a calcium reactor the ZEOmag Magnesium Granulate will be added with the calcium reactor media to keep the systems magnesium level as stable as possible.
ZEOmag is a magnesium granulate designed to be used with standard calcium carbonate media in a calcium reactor. It is most commonly mixed with standard calcium reactor media so that the ZEOmag comprises 10-30% of the mix. Primary benefit of using a media like this is it is one of the very few methods of maintaining magnesium levels in the aquarium without adding additional chloride or sulfate.
ZEOmag is a pure source of magnesium granulate with a coarse grain size of 6-12 mm. Ideal addition to any calcium reactor.


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