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Includes the Major Four Additives Required For the ZEOvit Method!
Reef Tanks that use the ZEOvit Method show results, fast-growing corals that can produce super pastel colors and can turn a great looking tank into an extraordinary reef tank! The ZEOvit system requires the use of specific additives and a media to create an Ultra Low Nutrient (ULN) system, allowing you to systematically add elements and nutrients back into the tank, giving you the utmost control.
Korallen-Zucht ZeoVit system is designed to maintain ULN levels similar to the ocean reef habitat our corals thrive in naturally. As long as there is enough light maintaining ultra-low nitrates and phosphate has shown to increase coral coloration, growth rates and vitality. All you need to get started with the Zeovit system is a reactor and the “Basic four.”
  • ZEOvit Media – The KZ ZEOvit ZEOlight mix is the primary media used in the reactor. The mix consists of three different zeolites chosen for their ability to reduce toxins in a balanced manner.
  • ZEObak– This liquid additive contains a verity of bacterial strains that form the proper chain for nutrient reduction. You use this product to introduce and maintain healthy populations of the desired bacteria in the ZEOvit system.
  • ZEOfood Plus – This is a nutritional supplement for the corals. ZEOfood is primarily composed of amino acids and vitamins which enable corals to uptake necessary nutrients and leads to a natural brilliant coloration.
  • ZEOstart– This product promotes the reproduction of all nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium to help the system naturally remove phosphate and nitrate.
What’s Included?
  • 1000 mL ZEOvit Media
  • 100 mL ZEOstart3
  • 50 mL ZEOfood Plus
  • 10 mL ZEObak


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