Amino Acid Concentrate LPS

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Amino acid blend designed specifically for Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals.
  • Increases coral growth
  • Coral tissue will expand immediately after dosing
  • Injured corals will regenerate faster
  • Positive impact on LPS coral growth
A high quality amino acid based food source for LPS corals: including Catalaphylia,Cynarina Blastomusa, Heliofungias, Welsophylia, Musidae, Symphylia and Fungias.
Upon dosing, corals expand their tissue immediately. Regular dosing will increase growth as well as the regeneration of damaged corals. This product is particularly useful in helping corals acclimate during the initial stages of implementing any low nutrient system.
Recommended dose is 1ml per 50 gallons per day.


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