Protect X – 20 gr

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ProtectX contains Chloramine-T which is employed as an essential and reliable disinfectant for fish for many years with its good efficacy and low toxicity to fish, shrimp and aquatic environments. Chloramine-T is used in salt, brackish and fresh water environments.
All-round disinfectant Disinfection of tanks and ponds, nets, equipment. Chloramine-T ensures that pathogenic microorganisms are rapidly and effectively destroyed. Safe in use As with any biocide protection measures are required, but can be handled by using standard personal equipment.
Chloramine-T is the safe alternative for traditional and more dangerous chemicals. It is nontoxic for fish and shrimp at effective dosage and does not leave residues in the animals. Safe for the environment With its readily biodegradable action, is the safe alternative for dangerous chemicals does not accumulate in river beds and is not toxic to the aquatic environment. Efficiency Chloramine-T is effective against many microorganisms related to aquaculture applications. A few of them are indicated below, but the complete activity spectrum of Chloramine-T is much wider. Bacteria Aeromonas salmonicida (Furunculosis) Flexibacter maritimus (Marine columnaris) Flavobacterium branchiophilum (BGD) Flavobacterium columnaris (Columnaris) Vibrio anguillarum (Vibriosis) Vibrio harveyi Viruses Hemorrhagic septicemia virus Fungi Saprolegnia Parasites Gyrodactylus salaris Ichthyobodo necator (Costia) Ichthyophthirius multifilis (White spot) Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis (Amoebic Gill Disease) Trematodes


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