BUBBLE MAGUS Calcium reactor | CR-120 WP

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Model: CR120 WP
Pump : WP1000
Power : 220V/110V ,20W
Internal volume : 1L-2L
Size: 160*238*500MM
Capacity :400L -1600L aquarium

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  • For Aquariums up to 1600 litres a salt water aquarium Reef CR 120 latest version New Model 800 Football – Reactor barrier bubble Magus
  • Football reaktor for aquariums and barrier with automatic to restore to of Einbeziehung probe pH CO2
  • For Aquariums from 800 to 1600 litres New Pump: WP1000 power pump: 20 W; delivery height pump: 1.6 m Pump Power Handling: 1100 L/H Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz, dimensions: 160 * 238 * 500 mm diameter cylinder: 120 mm; volume: 1 – 2 L
  • Manufacturer: Bubble Magus


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