SunSun HW-404B Canister Filter 2000L/H with 9W CUV


• External Filter for Aquarium up to 1000l
• Integrated UV-Unit with 9 w UVc-Buld
• Pump Flow Rate 2000 l/h at 55 watts
• 4 Filter Stages incl. Filter Materials
• Filter Volume about 19 Liter
• Wear-Free Ceramic Shaft
The particular strength of the aquarium external filter is that there is little space wasted inside the aquarium. An aquarium external filter can be easily placed under or next to the pool. For an optimal positioning the hose connections on top of the lid are rotatable at 360°. The large container volume ensures a cleaning with very large filter volume. There is enough space for various filter media.
The SunSun Aquarium External Filter HW-404 B can be easily connected to aquariums with a water volume of up to 1000 liters. So the operation of large-sized aquariums becomes an simple excercise. The pump capacity is 2000 liters per hour. The aquarium external filter provides for a high flow rate, however it operates quietly. The rubber stands provide for a optimal vibration reduction.
The super quiet aquarium filter technique of the SunSun HW-404 aquarium external filter is suitable not only for freshwater aquariums but also saltwater aquariums.
The aquarium filter is delivered with filter media for the four filter stages. The filter baskets with their practicle handles can be filled individually with the filter media. In this respect, please note that the filter media is graded from coarse to fine. The overhead 1st filter stage, the so-called pre-filter retains coarse dirt efficiently and extends considerably the service life of the biological acting filter material that is located on the underlying filter levels.
Filter Media:
The delivered filter material is considered a standard equipment for your aquarium external filter.
Basically, it applies from bottom to the top:
1.stage: mechanical / biological filtration in part
2.stage: biological filtration
3.stage: chemical filtration (activated carbon, turf, phosphate Ex etc.)
As for 4-stages filters, you can extend by a mechanical or biological filter stage, depending on the filtering requirements.
Ceramic Rings
Ceramic glass rings for the internal and external aquarium filters.The filter media, with mechanical filtration, are used for removing suspended particles. The ceramic rings cause a water turbulance in the filter basket due to their special form and large surface.By this way floating particles can accumulate during the descent and coarse dirt particles are removed from the water cycle.
This filter material creates optimal conditions for filter bacteria which reduce nitrite peaks better than other filter materials.
Filter Floss – Filter Fleece
Filter media like fleece, floss or sponges are essential in modern aquaristics.
Coarse dirt particles are absorbed by means of filter floss, sponges reduce the nitrate, clean the water of chemical impurities and provide ideal conditions for the settlement of filter bacteria.
Bio Balls
Bio balls are used in aquaristics as mechanical and biological filter mediat. These balls offer bacteria a large area for their accumulation and are considered to be high performance filter media for powerful filter systems. In contrast to other filter media, bio balls have a virtually unlimited life-span which makes them a popular and cheap filter medium for pond filter systems, trickle filters and chamber filters.
Activated Carbon – optional
Activated carbon is used in aquaristics to filtrate urinary and humic substances, pesticides, toxins and similar residues and to provide for clean aquarium water. Additionally the ozone and the chlorine content of the water is reduced through the use of the activated carbon.
The activated carbon is particularly suitable for the pre-treatment of tap water, for water clouded with suspended particles and for filtering out residues after a medication treatment..
During a medication and algae treatment one should not use the activated carbon. However, after said water treatment the activated carbon is indispensable for removing remnants.
We do not recommend to leave the activated carbon in the filter tray over a long period. After the media filter (activated carbon ) reaches its absorption capacity, there is the possibility that absorbed harmful substances are washed out and end up in the aquarium water.
When purchasing a new aquarium filter or after a complete cleaning, the beneficial bacteria must be enriched again.
There are special bacteria cultures that can be added to the aquarium filter, thus facilitating the start.
The Highlight of HW-404B is the integrated UVC unit.
The flow of water within teh aquarium filter makes that the water first passes a UVC Clarifier unit. Due to the UVC radiation of said UV-lamp harmful algae, bacteria and germs are destroyed and the algae formation remains under control.
The UVC clarifier provides – usually – within a few days for clear water. The external filter combines UV radiation with a biological aquarium filter. UVC clarifiers irradiate in a flow through reactor the aquarium water with UV-C radiation. Due to their UV radiation, UVC clarifier change the tertiary and quaternary algae proteins. This means the death of algae. The algae clump together, forming large particles that are easily removed from the water cycle by the mechanical filtration.
The life of teh UVC light source varies from 7000 to 10.000 hours of operation. We therefore recommend that the UV lamp is exchanged each year, while the light source of the UVC unit is replaced and the quartz glass of the UV lamp is cleaned.
Due to the UVC clarifier the water keeps circulating while all impurities like algae, floating algae, germs, bacteria or parasites are reduced. The longer this contact is maintained and the higher the UVC power (watts), the more effective the destruction. If there is reason for assuming an increased bacteria level and all other options are exhaused, the permanent deployment of a UVC clarifier for reducing the bacterial quantity is recommended. UV lamps provide for the purification of the water.
Sometimes you hear teh argumentation that a UVC Clarifier is unnatural. Although this is right in principle, the statement is not convincing because from this point of view every aquarium filter and the even the whole field of “aquarium” is “unnatural”. It is also alleged that, due to the UVC Clarifier, fish get softened and fall ill as soon as they are put into another water. First, this is not true, and secondly, you could then also represent the theory that a biological aquarium filter is harmful and that a higher level of nitrite contributes to strengthen the fish. Exactly the opposite is true.
The flowing water is purged of harmful bacteria and germs. The reduction of germs has no negative effect on the aquarium air because for the pollutant degradation, bacteria settle on stones, aquarium filter media etc. where they can reproduce themselves. The UV lamp can maintain the total microbial content of the water in a healthy natural ratio.
After the insertion of the filter media, the aquarium external filter is filled with water. SunSun offers an excellent comfort, the ergonomic pump cylinder on the top of the external filter. For the filling of the filter container – and without irritating suction intake – you simply press the pump cylinder for several times. So the aquarium filter fills up with water caused by every pumping motion
The multi-function valve on the pump head has a quickly disconnecting coupling which separates the hoses from the filter container without emptying it before. The safety hose adapters on the valve, that are easy to lock, provide a high level of seccurity against leakage. The flow rate is regulated by the multi-function valve.
The return hose is led into a clean bucket that is installed below the external filter.
To vent the external filter, the maximum possible flow rate must be adjusted. The manual pump is to be operated until there are no more air bubbles. Thereafter the filled hose is to be closed with one finger und re-installed on the return-piping on the edge of the aquarium.
Before the first operation, the filter materials have to be removed from their packaging.
There must always be introduced only ONE cotton at the same time in the filter.

Technical Data

WEEE DE45283704
Anzahl Packstücke
300 x 300 x 450 mm
Weight in kg
Protection category
IP 44
Input voltage
230VAC ~50Hz
9 Watt
64 W
Hose connection Ø / Inch
23 mm
cable length
Volume / Capacity
19 l
Size of the Filter Baskets
230 x 230 x 65 mm
Filter Details
4 Filterstufen
Aquarium Size
1000 Liter
max. Delivery rate
2.000 l/h
Delivery Head
Pump Equipment


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